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Ease of Construction 

Building with SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) is a fast and efficient construction method resulting in minimal disruption. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Using 50% less raw timber than conventional timber framed buildings and manufactured using energy efficient processes, SIPs are an excellent environmentally friendly construction material. 

Flexible Designs 

The flexibility of building with SIPs allows us to create spaces to suit the area and functional requirements of the building. Suitable for Schools, Nurseries and Classrooms, SIPs can provide a space ideal for your needs. 

Thermally Efficient 

SIPs buildings are highly energy efficient, with U values (heat transmissions) as low as 0.10, greatly reducing cold bridging and improving overall performance – something that cannot be achieved with traditional building methods. This helps to reduce energy bills whilst also limiting environmental impact and long-term carbon footprint. 

Quality Throughout 

SIPs are up to seven times stronger than conventional timber frame and with excellent sound absorption, SIPs provide sustainable, ecologically friendly and energy efficient buildings. 

Maximise Space 

10% extra floor space can be achieved compared to similar size buildings. The strength of SIP structures allows for thinner walls and no bulky roof trusses creating an open and practical learning space. 
Recent projects 
Check out some of our recent school and classrooms projects here, 
ranging from single-storey school extensions to 
two-storey educational buildings across the UK. 

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